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Franklin Energy is a leading EV charging provider, pioneering the delivery of new products and technologies in the rapidly merging EV charging arena. We aim to see charging centres that operate on a smart grid, utilising the renewable energy generated by hydro, solar and wind power to charge all electric vehicles. We aspire to create completely off-grid and environmentally sustainable charging centres, and rollout a network of these across the UK.

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We aim to see charging centres that operate on a smart grid

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Pioneering the delivery of new products and technologies in the EV charging field

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At the forefront of the UK’s transition to electric vehicles

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To allow the UK to meet its stringent CO2 reduction targets and increase our energy security


Franklin Energy aim to be at the forefront of the UK’s transition to electric vehicles by providing an electric vehicle charging network on a mass scale utilising the renewable energy generated by solar and wind power to charge all electric vehicles. The firm aspire to create completely off-grid and environmentally sustainable charging hubs, rolling this network out across the UK for commercial, public and home use.


In 2016, Franklin launched its ‘LiFe’ charging network, establishing the brand as an integral part of the UK’s rapidly merging EV technology infrastructure. Franklin Energy works closely with strategic partners to deploy charging points and is also at the forefront of innovation around smart charging including vehicle 2 grid and demand side frequency response.

Franklin Energy’s USP is its ability to manufacture agnostic’s through the firms cloud based back office platform which has been integrated with over 30 different types of charging points from across Europe. This places Franklin Energy in the position of being the first to market new technologies such as wireless inductive charging and high powered charging ahead of competitors. The firm are also at the forefront of smart charging and will be the first to embed frequency response technology into the charging network providing stability to the electricity grid and creating a new revenue stream.

New products continue to be developed by integrating new technologies and embedding smart grid optimisation software into the charging network helping to create the next generation of charging points.


Robert Byrne

Founder and Managing Director of Franklin Energy

Robert founded Franklin Energy in 2015 and has built the company from scratch, to become one of the leading EV charging providers in the UK. Robert is an engineering graduate who has developed a profound knowledge for EV charging and the energy sector. Robert has a pioneering mindset and has developed many innovations some of which Franklin is researching and developing today. Robert is very commercially focused and has been responsible for established partnerships with both Global EV charging manufacturers and operators, together with creating new revenue streams over and above EV charging.

Harry Petch

Operations Manager

Responsible for on-boarding, monitoring and maintaining all chargers, as well as managing Franklin Energy’s rapidly increasing customer base.

Harry oversees CRM and roaming together with IT infrastructure. Harry has 5 years’ previous experience in automotive and IT.

David Hytch

Head of Strategy and Innovation

David has been active in transport technology and innovation for 28 years David serves on the European Program Committee for the ITS World Congress and as an assessor for Innovation UK on Intelligent mobility and Autonomous Vehicles. He has served on the Automotive Council Technology group, DfT expert panel for Strategic Road development, and Accessible Transport bodies. He was the Chief Information Director function for Transport for Greater Manchester and was a key part of the creation of TfGM to include the strategic Highways activity for Greater Manchester.

In 2018, David has come on board with Franklin as a non-exec advisor for strategy, innovation and public sector relations.

Chris Petch

Estates Director

Chris Petch is a Chartered Surveyor with 35 years’ experience in property market which has included working for major PLC organisations and private practice; working nationally from offices in both London and Manchester over the period, Chris has been involved in delivering major projects from site acquisition to asset sale.

Notable successes include Middlebrook Bolton, the UK’s largest retail and leisure scheme, roll out of the Asda Living facia and asset managing for landlord and tenant companies including some of the top names, British Land and LaSalle. Chris has come on board at Franklin to oversee new locations, primarily in the retail sector to deploy EV charging infrastructure across a UK wide portfolio. Chris also oversees legal and contractual matters for Franklin.

Tom Heagerty

Business Development Associate

Responsible for managing marketing campaigns and inbound sales inquiries as well as generating new business. Tom recently Graduated from the University of Liverpool studying Business and Communications.

His background is in Sales, Marketing and Events Management and supports Franklin throughout these channels.


Our dedicated project management team have vast experience of delivery projects in the engineering, utilities and oil and gas sector. We have a pragmatic approach to each EV charging project, tailoring the client’s needs with a bespoke and future proofed solution.

We offer 24/7/365 1st line customer telephone support for all of our customers. We pride ourselves on our customer service and maintaining the very highest quality charge points with our current EV charging network achieving an uptime of >99%.

We have found that 85-90% of our issues can be rectified remotely without sending an engineer to site resulting in reduced OPEX costs for the host.

Franklin Energy’s operations play an important role as one of the leading Electric Vehicle charging pioneer’s in the UK today.

Franklin Energy


  1. You have dedicated off-street parking
  2. Your vehicle was purchased after 1st October 2016 and your are the registered owner or keeper
  3. You have not already claimed the grant for the vehicle
  4. You are not exceeding the limit of two OLEV funded charge points per household
  5. Your home is suitable for standard installation
  6. You agree with our terms and conditions